Category Topics

Introductions - Start here if you are new

If you have just joined the Ask Naz community, this is the place for you. We’ll be posting and sharing how to get the most of this forum, support others and stay safe. Anyone may join this community and contribute. All new accounts are approved by one of our team to ensure Ask Naz remains a safe space.

Announcements, news & events

Do you have an announcement to make about your own project, an event or something you’d like to tell everyone about? Or Perhaps a news story that the community should know about?

For parents

If you’re a parent and would like to understand more about your children’s sexual orientation, sexuality or gender identity, this is the forum for you. Here you will find a number of useful resources.

Ask a question or request support

If you need help, support, guidance, or need to ask a question please leave a message here and one of our community will help you. The value of a community is help that it will give to each other.

Identity, sexual identity and gender identity

Discussion and resources about who we are, our identity and how we identify ourselves.

Religion, faith and culture

If you’d like to talk about your religion, faith or culture this is your place to start.

Personal stories & coming out

The first step towards change is ‘awareness’. This is the place to share your personal story or practice your coming out. The more people that speak, the stronger our voice will be. Be safe when sharing: You can share your story anonymously, with details removed/changed to protect your identity.

Schools, education and learning

This is the place for students at schools, colleges and universities or members of the community that would like to get involved.

Community Feedback

We’d love your comments and feedback on how we make Ask Naz, or the wider activities of Naz and Matt Foundation an even more useful service to you?