I am, and I am proud to be "Queer"

Isn’t the word “Queer” a negative, derogatory term to use?

"There is no doubt that the word has a complex history, that includes derogatory use by bullies and people who intend harm. ‘Queer’ also has a long history as a term of re-empowerment by the LGBTIQQ community, as a unifying term that recognizes that many complex identities that make up the LGBTIQQ (and many other identities) community.

In fact, over the last thirty years, queer has emerged in academia, politics, and even popular culture as a term of identity, inclusion, and more and more positive use."

Why We Use “Queer”

"One definition of queer is abnormal or strange.
Historically, queer has been used as an epithet/slur against people whose gender, gender expression and/or sexuality do not conform to dominant expectations.

Some people have reclaimed the word queer and self identify as such. For some, this reclamation is a celebration of not fitting into norms/being “abnormal.”

Manifestations of oppression within gay and lesbian movements such as racism, sizeism, ableism, cissexism, transmisogyny as well as assimilation politics, resulted in many people being marginalized, thus, for some, queer is a radical and anti-assimilationist stance that captures multiple aspects of identities."

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