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My name is Matt, and I am the founder and a trustee of Naz and Matt Foundation.

In 2014, my fiancé, my partner in everything, and eternal soulmate Naz (Dr Nazim Mahmood) sadly passed away, two days after his religious family confronted him about his sexuality.

It was the first time they heard that their son was gay, in a relationship with a man, in love and planning to get married. They told Naz to go to a psychiatrist to be ‘cured’. They treated him like a disease that needed to be got rid of.

The day after Naz passed away I was told by his family that he was living in ‘sin’ because of their religious beliefs. In the same breath I was also told that I was living in ‘sin’ because of ‘my religion’. They told me not to tell anyone that Naz ‘liked men’ as it would bring ‘shame’ on their family.

Out of respect I followed their wishes, until it reached a point and I decided I could not sit back and let this happen to anyone else ever again.

That’s when I realised I had no choice but to start Naz and Matt Foundation - and tackle these views held within families and communities all around the world.

My role, I’m here to help you. My life is now dedicated to help stop this happening to other families. I would like you to join me and help make our world a better, a more accepting place to live.

But I can’t do this without you. If you’re reading this you’ve already started on this journey. Together we are strong. Together we can make change.

By joining this community, helping others and sharing your experiences we can help stop what happened to my darling Naz happening to anyone else.

Be the person you were born to be.

I look forward to meeting all of you xx

Hello, myself Malik from Pakistan I am 24 years old. I am a victim of forced marriage as I belongs to a conservative Muslim family. My parents areange my marriage with my cousin so, that it would be used as a convert from homosexuality.Now I wanted to volunteerly work with Naaz nd Matt foundation.


Welcome to the Ask Naz community Malik.
I hope the community can help you, and we look forward to hearing more from you.

If you would like to share your story, and it is safe for you to do so, please share it here:

Sharing your personal story may be able to help others in their own situations.

My name is Hashim Waheed. I’m a 29 years old. I’m from Muslim country Pakistan. I’m here in London since 2011 I’m Gay and I’m proud to be a Gay person. I’m also victim of a Thread from Family and relatives. They Threatened to kill me because they want I’ll come back to home and get Mary. But when I was told them I’m a Gay and I like or attractive towards men’s then they started to Abuses or Threatened me over the phone to kill me and my family also Disowned me as well. I’m also very Scared to think how I survive in that country where everyone desperate to kill me or no one accepting me as Gay even my Muslim Society not accepting me.That’s why since 2016 I don’t have contact with my family So now I’m alone in this World no one here to help me.
But after meet Matt or we have a talk on the phone I’m feel very safe and I’m happy to be a part of NMF. I’m also thankful to NMF for helping me and accepting me to become a part of NMF Family.
If anyone who interested to listen more about my desperate life or anyone who face same problem or in same situation like me.I’m here to help you as much as I can through my personal life experience or little bit knowledge which I have got
Feel free to ask anything about me
Many Thanks

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Welcome to the Ask Naz community @CH.Hashim :slight_smile:
Thank you for your introduction and sharing your deeply personal journey with everyone here. I am glad you are now in a much stronger place - both mentally and and emotionally.

If we all work together we will grow stronger together. Together we are a community.

We look forward to your contributions :heart:

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Thanks Matt I’ll try my best to get information and share my thoughts and my knowledge with NMF Family


Hope you will be fine.
Actualy i am 30 years man from muslim majority country(Pakistan) and i
am very much doubting and confused Muslim and after discussion with all twitter friend i want to give chance to me. But i have also very much fear factor and i have not any resouces to overcome these factors of fear so can you help me i need a long term counselling or life
It will be honor for me if I bring up and upgrade beleifs in the guidance of you.

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Hi @ffthinker, please do share information here that you think will help others.

Hello everyone, I am a white atheist in a long term same sex relationship with a Muslim woman. We are expecting a baby in the next few weeks! I wonder if anyone has any experience of raising a child in a multi faith same sex relationship and how this works with extended family. I’d love to share experience with anyone if this sounds familiar to them!


Hi @Sopadelimon and welcome to the community.
I hope your member of the family is doing well :heart:

Hello. I am from a pakistani muslim family and have recently come out to my religious mum and sister. I moved out this year to live with my girlfriend and I only felt ready to come out once I was out of my mum’s space and had my own safe space.
It started off better than I expected as my mum did not disown me and we tried to work on a relationship. I think I was confused at what sort of relationship I wanted/was healthy for me. So I continued to fit a box when I went to visit. The trips became less frequent because I was busy and because each trip was unbelievably uncomfortable.
A few days ago, I received a voice note from a religious aunt who was staying with my mum for a while. She preached at me for 20 minutes about how I should follow the right path because my late father’s soul was not at rest due to my actions. I confronted my mum about this to see if she also believed my dad’s soul was not resting. We spent more than 1 hour arguing each other’s opinions and feelings. She would not stop explaining that she “loves all of me” and being gay was “only a part of me”. Also that my actions are a sin but I am not a sinner in her eyes.
It was all very confusing and she did not seem to understand that I could not put myself into a box to be around her anymore and that any communication with her was harmful and pointless. I decided to ask her to stop contacting me anyway.

It’s all a big shock to me because I really expected to be disowned from my family not the other way round. I am struggling with the idea that I do not have a family. I have a few friends and a girlfriend but it still feels quite lonely.
There’s a few more details that I have missed out just to keep this short.

Apologies for the intense trauma dump and word vomit. I am hoping I can connect with people who have gone through something similar, so that I don’t feel so alone.

  • Zee.
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