How does Ask Naz work?

Joining The Community
This community is intended as a safe space to talk, discuss ideas, meet new people and help each other.

If you are not ‘out’ to your family or community we recommend joining with a name/photo that does not give out your identity so that you talk openly and freely. If you are ‘out’, then we encourage you to join with your real name. The content of this forum is open and visible to search engines like Google, however all members are checked manually by a human before being approved.

Only when a member is approved may then make a new post or reply to someone. The forum is open so that others may learn from the conversations and dialogue without needing to join.

Together We Can Make This A Safe Space
This community is self policing, so if you see any form of abuse please report it. We will not tolerate hate speech, name calling, threats, or any other kind of verbal abuse. If you break these rules you may be banned.

Volunteer To Help Manage These Forums
Our Community Manager is Peta. We also have a number of volunteer moderators who will be introduced to you on your journey of exploring this forum.

If you have any suggestions for improving this forum, or would like to volunteer as a moderator, please contact us.

For more information about Naz and Matt Foundation, please visit