Asylum: I need asylum because of my sexuality or gender identity. I fear for my safety if deported


“I fear for my safety if I am forced to return to my country of birth because of my sexuality or gender identity. What advice can you give me, and where can I get help?”

First step

The very first website you should visit to seek information and guidance is that of the UK Lesbian & Gay Immigration Group (UKLGIG). They provide regular meetings in London and Birmingham offering help, support and guidance.

Applying for asylum

The UK Government’s official guidance on how to apply for asylum

I need a solicitor / lawyer

Our friends at the UKLGIG have compiled a list of solicitors that may be able to provide legal aid (free legal support) to support you and your case.

Asylum advice for LGBT refugees

Peter Tatchell Foundation has produced a help article about the process and who to contact for further support

Housing or asylum seekers

Micro Rainbow are a friendly organisations who provide safe houses dedicated solely to LGBTI asylum seekers and refugees

We need your help

Please share below any websites or useful resources that may help someone in need secure safety and asylum in the UK to protect their life.


My name is javed ur Rehman and claim asylum of sexuality in uk .I don’t have friends here I not allowed for work .
I have too much stress and anxiety now I have finally call from home office I am afraid now what will happen if they didn’t accept my claim.
Than what will I do Because my did not accept me anymore in my birth country (Pakistan) .

I need your help now.