InCourage - Dangers of extremism and the manipulation of youth (Newham Council)


The “In Courage” series of events aims to celebrate diversity, champion local partnerships and highlight personal stories that touch upon the dangers of extremism and the manipulation of youth. We will also be awarding commission opportunities for artists to create original work inspired the presentations.

Every Thursday in March, Applecart Arts will present a matinee at 1.30pm for local schools; with an evening repeat at 7.30pm for community groups and interested parties.

1st March 2018
Rehabilitation - how a local ex-gang member got his life back

  • Speaker: Raheel Butt
  • Raheel Butt is a former gang member, who now works with other youngsters at risk of criminality through his social enterprise Community and Rehabilitation Solutions.

8th March 2018
Dangerous ideas - extremism in modern society

  • Speaker: Manwar Ali
  • Manwar Ali is one of the few scholars in the UK who has been directly involved in conflict zones alongside extremist organisations. He now uses this experience in his work withthe UK’s Home Office and Crown Prosecution Service.
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15th March 2018
Finding Strength - a woman’s way out of radicalisation

  • Speaker: Yasmin Mulbocus
  • As a fostered teenager Yasmin Mulbocus took her sexual abuser to court, only to become disillusioned when the case collapsed. She became drawn to an extremist Islamist group that gave her a sense of protection and belonging. Once starting a family, Yasmin realised the danger she was in and found the strength to break away.
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22nd March 2018
Losing a loved one - cultural homophobia

  • Speaker: Matt Ogston
  • Matt Ogston has set up his charity after his partner Dr Nazim Mahmood committed suicide because of the hatred he received from within his community. Matt will discuss the need to challenge homophobia and its tragic effects on LGBTQI+ minorities.
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