Are there any LGBT support groups in Ghana?

Yes there are, but support is very limited.

Although Ghana is a commonwealth member state, it criminalises sex between men.

Criminal Code 1960, Section 104 Unnatural Carnal Knowledge

Section 104 uniquely distinguishes between non-consensual and consensual sexual intercourse in “an unnatural manner” – the former being a ‘first degree felony’ and the latter a ‘misdemeanour’.1 Under the Criminal Procedure Code, misdemeanour offences carry a penalty of up to three years imprisonment.2 The law is only applicable to sexual intercourse between men.

LGBT+ Rights Ghana: their core values

LGBT+ Rights Ghana is a Movement of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgenders, Intersex, Queers and Allies championing the Freedom for LGBT+ Persons in Ghana.

AIM: To have a safe and inclusive society for LGBT+ persons in Ghana.

VISION: We envision a country where the rights of LGBT+ persons are respected and protected.

MISSION: To form a formidable Movement to champion the fight for freedom of LGBT+ persons in Ghana.


I. To create a safe space for LGBT+ persons in Ghana.

II. To ensure equal rights for all LGBT+ persons.

III. To ensure that all LGBT+ persons’ rights are respected and protected.

IV. To develop activities that will empower the LGBT+ community.

V. To create a strong alliance with pro LGBT individuals, organizations, institutions and movements.

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