Does 'gay cure therapy' work?


Also called ‘conversion therapy’, Individuals who undergo such treatment are 9x times more likely to have suicidal thoughts than before they started the treatment.

In other words, someone who is convinced, coerced or sometimes forced into receiving any type of treatment that attempts to change their sexuality is nine times more likely to want to kill themselves once the treatment is finished.

Gay cure therapy is a form of fraud. Anyone offering it will do so knowing that it will not work and it may lead you to have suicidal thoughts.

NHS stopped offering such treatments in 2015.

**Homophobia is abuse. Gay cure therapy is abuse. Gay cure therapy is fraud. **

We are born with our sexuality.
We can’t be cured.
It’s not a disease.
We are normal.

Unfortunately in the UK, it is still legal in the UK for someone to offer or provide ‘gay cure therapy’. We are working with other groups and individuals to change this legal form of abuse:

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